Inspired by the movement and texture found within the natural world, the organic jewelry creations by Susan Bryant Caron take their cues from the earth. 

Seashells, cocoons, beehives, ferns, seahorses, the wind, a splashing wave, snowflakes…images that come to mind when you see these beads.

Coastal Maine is home to this jewelry artist currently taming sterling silver wire into stunning pieces of wearable art. Copper and 14K gold filled wire, semiprecious stones and freshwater pearls have been introduced into the line adding additional elements of appeal. Susan creates each piece by hand; bending, twisting and wrapping wire to create the beads and components of this jewelry. Her wish to tread lightly on the earth has inspired her to design a line of jewelry made from recycled metals using a process that requires no soldering or adhesives.

Susan has been a graphic designer and art director for many nationally known companies. She started making silver jewelry many years ago. It is just recently that she has decided to pursue it as a full-time endeavor (in between caring for her young daughter, and planting yet another new garden!)